Saturday, February 21, 2009

confessions of a girl:

(who happens to love her other blog more than this one)

when jeremy and i first started this blog we had every intention of continuing it into our old age. we really did. well, jeremy has since dropped from the blogging world because he just doesn't have time... ok. and i just cant let go of my other blog. i like it more... so i am sorry to say that this blog is going to be neglected... starting now. at least i gave you fair warning so you wouldn't be surprised. i guess this blog served its purpose in keeping the wedding planning chaos all in one place... maybe we will become devout bloggers once again on this blog when we have a little baby growing inside of me to keep the baby building process in one spot, too. maybe.... well that won't be for a couple of years so don't start checking back religiously.

to stay updated on what is happening in our fun lives you can now consult the other blog.


Barb said...

I am so glad you have set the record straight.. I do like the Quasi blog, especially after we hiked all those stairs to go see the bell tower!
xo mom

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